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COMM 331 (Jeppeson)

COMM 331 (Jeppeson)

Web sites

See what others have done

Go to YouTube and see what others have done.  Type in advertisement "college project" and see all of the results that come up.  Some are humorous, some serious. This also works for your game assignment. I typed in game development "college project."  "Video game" brainstorm also brought up some helpful results.

You Tube

Helpful Web Sites for Finding Topics

Evaluating Web Sites

Google Advanced Search

With Google Advanced Search you can easily use tools such as domain limiters (edu, gov, org). You can also type in an advanced search directly into the Google search box, for example "home health care" site:gov. 


Google Search Statement

Results (2/5/19)

Search Strategies

collaborative learning

      552 million

Default Boolean AND search (it looks at the word distracted AND the word driving).

"collaborative learning"

      191 million

It looks at the words as a phrase

intitle: "collaborative learning"


The phrase must be in the title.

intitle:"collaborative learning" inurl:biz


"collaborative learning" would be in the title and the site must have the word biz in it.

iintitle:"collaborative learning" site:edu


Site must be from an educational institution.

intitle:"collaborative learning" college site:org


The word college is added to the previous search.

"collaborative learning"  filetype:pdf

        2.3 million

Site must be a pdf. You might also try something like filetype:ppt (for Powerpoint)