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COMM 331 (Jeppeson)

COMM 331 (Jeppeson)


Approaching your Assignment

Welcome to the research guide for Marsha Jeppeson's  COMM 331 class.  This guide will help you with library research on your game presentation  and TV advertisement assignments. It will present information on searching books, databases and web sites that will help you define your concept and support your information.

Your assignments

Your first assignment is to create a cooperative game presentation.

The objectives of Creating a Cooperative Game are:

1. Application of group processes, including forming a group and developing the group into a cohesive, productive, and enjoyable group

2. Skill development in working collaboratively with a new group of individuals, including interpersonal skills, time management skills, project management, team meeting facilitation, problem-solving and decisionmaking, and conflict management

3. Continued development of research skills, individual writing, and collaboratively writing

4. Increased self-awareness

5. Development of preparation outlines and extemporaneous speaking skills Assignment Details:

     I. As a group, develop at least one original cooperative game to demonstrate in class. In order to develop an engaging game, your group will need to develop a range of ideas for different games as well as variations of your game.

     II. The objective of the game must be to reach a challenging goal as a group, NOT to defeat anyone. Remember, this group is a college audience with a need to be engaged intellectually as well as playfully. All games will be conducted in the classroom so there is little opportunity or ability to have the games be physical games.

     III. Presentations (Requires a fully developed preparation outline [including a bibliography], one per team; your presentation needs to include all of the following, but does not necessarily need to follow this order):

          A. Explain the types of ideas for a game discussed by your group.

          B. Why did you choose this particular idea?

          C. Discuss how you developed the game together as a group.

          D. Any difficulties in designing the game? E. Research cooperative games, engagement strategies, and                             facilitating group process

          E. Teach the class your Cooperative Game and then “run” the game.

          F. Teach the class the Competitive version of your Cooperative Game and then “run” the game.

     IV. Teaching the Cooperative Game: Explain the game in detail. Be prepared to demonstrate the game using the class as the group playing the game. Identify positive aspects of the game, and then discuss any negative aspects of the game. Be prepared with visual aids to help with the game’s rules and process.

     V. Run a competitive version of the same game (winners and losers). Which version did the players prefer? Why?       VI. Would you make any changes in the game? Explain in detail.

     VII. What conclusions would you draw about cooperative games? 

     VIII.   Time Limit: 30 minutes per group


Your second assignment is to create a TV advertisement

I. As a group, choose a product to advertise (either create a hypothetical product or improve a product currently on the market). It could be something we might buy or it could be a social cause or a political candidate. Be creative!

II. Decide which segment of the marketplace you will target (e.g. children, young adults, older adults, fitness enthusiasts) and why.

III. Research advertising strategies. After consulting advertising and marketing resources, explain which advertising strategies you chose to use in your ad and why.

IV. Videotape your ad. The ad should be no longer than 2 minutes.

V. Presentations:

     A. Discuss how the group decided to do this project and the specific ad chosen. 

     B. Explain what roles each group member played during the planning and execution of the ad. How did the roles come about in the group?

     C. Was the script a group effort or an individual one?

     D. How was "talent" determined (who acted in the ad)?

     E. Show the videotaped ad in class and critique it. What were the strengths of the ad? What areas of the ad needed improvement? Why? Explain the strategies used in the ad to persuade viewers to "buy" your product/service.

     F. What difficulties did the group encounter during the production of the ad? What would you do differently to avoid such difficulties in the future? Be specific.

     G. Show "outtakes" and "bloopers" (mistakes made when videotaping). How would you avoid such problems? Can you avoid such problems?

VI. Time Limit: 30 minutes