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Textbook Affordability - OER

Textbook Affordability - OER


OERs for Geography

The OERs listed ARE NOT a complete list of all Geography OER textbooks and ancillaries available. Instead, they are meant to help guide faculty members who don't want to look for OER materials for their classes, for those who can't find any OERs on their own, for those who are overwhelmed by the huge number of OERs available, and for those who aren't sure about the legality of a source they have found on their own. All sources included here can be used in your classes under various creative common licenses (unless otherwise noted).

Free, online, ancillaries (not OERs - i.e. no open license)

There are many free, online resources for educational use that can be used legally. However, the following links are not open source material, so you must access the information on the website that it is published. In other words, for these sources, you cannot download, edit, remix or combine with other resources, legally. You may, legally, share the link with students, but you may not copy the information itself into Canvas or anywhere else. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.