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NUTRI 480 (Sheldon)

NUTRI 480 (Sheldon)

NUTRI 480 Research Project

Assignment Details

Assignment Steps:

1. Brainstorm ideas for a Research Project topic

2. Decide if Group or Individual (2-3 members only) Feb 11

3. Choose Topic and Submit for Approval (Canvas) Feb 11 

4. Research chosen topic and develop Outline with an organized summary

5. Prepare Abstract with Resources (top 5 used)  Mar 31

6. Conduct Experiment and/ or research portion

7. Rough Draft of Paper (ppt. or word) April 14

8. Finish Final Draft of Project and turn in (Canvas) May 5

Proposal Abstract

The Proposal Abstract

The proposal abstract should do the following in 100-150 words:

  • Briefly describe the general content, driving question and results of your research.
  • Provide background information so the committee can understand your project.
  • Give a sense of the significance of your results.  Why are they interesting?  What are their implications?  Why should anyone care about this?


5 academic sources are needed for this project.