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Creating Links to Articles & Ebooks

Creating Links to Articles & Ebooks

Articles & Ebooks (non-EBSCO)

Linking to articles in non-EBSCO databases

When viewing a database record, scan the page for SharePermalinkStable URLBookmark or something similar. If the database has a citation generator, you can usually find a permalink by using it.

If none of these are available, the URL in the browser bar may work. However, if you copy the link while on-campus, it is possible that in some cases you will be using a direct link to the resource, not running throught the proxy server; in this case you will likely not be able to use the link from off-campus. To make it work, we need to put proxy info in the URL. To do this, you can use either of following two strategies:

  1. On the databases page, click the link reading Force login while on-campus.
  2. Run a permalink that does not have proxy information through the URL converter.

Use OneSearch for linking

Here's an alternative linking strategy. If you can find the article in OneSearch, save the permalink from OneSearch. Whoever you send the link to will be able to click the link to full-text in OneSearch, where the proxy information will be included (unless, if the article is Open Access, it may not be needed).