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Creating Links to Articles & Ebooks

Creating Links to Articles & Ebooks

Articles & Ebooks (EBSCO)

Linking to EBSCO records

The following applies to EBSCOhost databases such as Academic Search Complete.

Do not grab the URL from the browser's address bar. Doing so virtually ensures that the link will soon become unusable.

Instead, look for a Permalink located after the article/ebook title. You can copy this URL and be confident it will work from off-campus.

EBSCO permalink

If you don't see this on the article page, you look for the toolbar on the side and select the Permalink option to display it.

NOTE: you can also grab permalinks to search results, by clicking the "Share" link at the top of the search results.

Video Demo

This video shows you how to grab permalinks in EBSCO.

Saving Links in EBSCO video