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ETHNS 350 (Roberts) - Intro to Native American Studies

ETHNS 350 (Roberts) - Intro to Native American Studies


Welcome to your research guide!

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Starting an 8-10 page research essay about Native American history from 1890 to the present will require that you gather 8-10 resources.

What do you need to do to successfully research your topic?

  • Gather citations for your sources as you find them. Don't wait until then end to compile your bibliography or list of works cited.
  • Be prepared to change your search terms. As you read on your topic, you will identify new terminology that you can use to improve your search results.
  • Think about the who, when, where, and what of your topic. This can help to keep your research focused.
  • You may have to search more broadly or more specifically/narrowly about different aspects of your topic. This will determine the scope of your research.
  • Consult a Librarian. We are happy to help you find Library resources.