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ETHNS 350 (Roberts) - Intro to Native American Studies

ETHNS 350 (Roberts) - Intro to Native American Studies

Analyzing Academic Articles

Wait, What's an Academic Journal Article?

Peer Reviewed Articles - FAQ

Abstract - floating paragraph which summarizes the findings of the study. 

Introduction - the first part of the paper which summarizes the previous research and publications on the topic. Typically ends with the research questions.

Method - you can find the samples, sample size, variables, measures (like surveys), demographics, various statistical tests used in the study (and more).

Results - this is where the results of the study are located. It is typically dense, not written for a general audience. 

Discussion/Conclusion - where the results are repeated and discussed in more general language. This is a great place to start reading and where the most quotable lines will be for a research paper. 

References - all the articles the authors' used and talked about in the article. This is a great place to find other articles on the same topic.