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ENGWR 301 (White) Afrofuturism and Magical Realism

ENGWR 301 (White) Afrofuturism and Magical Realism

Magical Realism

What is Magical Realism?

"Magical realism is a form of narrative fiction writing whereby the narrative makes no distinction nor discriminates between events that defy the laws of nature (in physics or genetics, for example) and those that conform to the laws of nature."

From: "Magical Realism." The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature, edited by Suzanne Bost and Frances R. Aparicio, Routledge, 2013, pp. 334-341. Gale eBooks, Accessed 15 Apr. 2021.

The selections below are available through the SCC Library. If it says "ebook" then you can access it online, but if it has a "call number" code like "PQ8180.17.A73 C5 E5" then you will have to request the item and then wait a few days for an email saying that it is ready for you to pick it up on campus.

These are just a few samples of what you can find in the SCC Library.

Critical Works about Magical Realism


Video and More