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How To Find Book Reviews

How To Find Book Reviews

Library Review Publications

Subscription Book Review Resources

A few publications review books for the benefit of libraries, who make their purchases based on these reviews. The SCC Library subscribes to three of these: Booklist, Choice Reviews Online and Library Journal. We get Booklist and Library Journal in print; you can find them in the Periodicals section of the library on the second floor. Our online subscriptions to Booklist and Choice come with special personalization features, and have reviews from as far back as the 1990s.

Booklist Online

Register link at Booklist Online

  1. Go to Booklist Online using the link on this page. You can search at this point, but in order to save lists you will need to create a personal profile.
  2. Click "My Profile" on the top menu to create a profile. 

Using Advanced Search

Using the Chrome browser is recommended with this site.

  1. Select multiple subject areas in Booklist Taxonomy; Booklist publication date range.
  2. Click Search Now. 
  3. Check the books you want, click Add to List at the bottom of the page. Choose a personal list or create a new one.  
  4. Download the final list to Excel. The list downloads in csv, so Save As Excel workbook.

Choice Reviews Online

  1. Access Choice Reviews Online.  CRO works nearly the same as Booklist Online. Be sure to use the link on this page in order to view reviews and create a profile.
  2. Click the "Register" link to create a profile. Sign in to use the personalization features.

Register link in right menu

Using Advanced Search

  1. Select multiple Choice Subject Headings; Readership; Recommendation Levels; Choice Issues.
  2. Click Submit (Interdisciplinary titles will be included).  Proceed as with Booklist.

Library Journal Online

The SCC library only has access to Library Journal in print. The contents, including the book reviews, are available via Academic Search Complete and other EBSCO databases, but we have no convenient way to search and browse its book reviews online.