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Award-winning books in the SCC Library

Award-winning books in the SCC Library

Lambda Literary Awards

What are the Lambda Literary Awards?

The Lambda Literary Awards were created in 1989 with the idea of creating more national visibility for LGBTQ books. For over 30 years, the Lambda Literary Awards (or “Lammys”) have maintained a proud tradition of celebrating vibrant, dynamic LGBTQ storytelling. 

The Lambda Awards are presented each June.

Anthology by Year

Biography / Autobiography / Memoir by Year

Children's / Middle Grade / Young Adult by Year

Comics / Graphic Novel by Year

Drama by Year

Erotica by Year

Fiction Winners by Year

Mystery by Year

Nonfiction by Year

Poetry by Year

Romance by Year

Speculative Fiction / Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror by Year

Studies by Year

AIDS by Year

Arts & Culture by Year

Belles Lettres

Bisexual by Year

Humor by Year

Lambda Editor's Choice by Year

Photography / Visual Arts by Year

Small Press Book Award by Year

Spirituality by Year

Transgender / Genderqueer by Year