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Allied Health Websites

Allied Health Websites

SCC Databases

Why use the SCC databases?

All of the electronic databases are purchased by the libraries in the Los Rios Community College District for use by our students.  They are free for your use and you can access them from home.  The databases collect articles from thousands of magazines, newspapers and journals.  You will have access to the whole article (full text) when you find it in our databases.  It is always a good idea to look in the databases first!

Medical Databases

Be sure to click on the link or go through the SCC Library Website to access these databases. 

Search strategies

These are just a few tips to help you in your search:

  • Leave out minor words such as with, during, the, etc.
  • If the disease you are looking for is a phrase, it's best to search it with quotes around it, such as "deep vein thrombosis."  This tells the database to search for those words together in that specific order.
  • In most databases, if you type the beginning of a word and then type an asterisk (*), the database will match any word that begins with those letters. For instance: nurs* matches nurse, nursing, nurses...