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Plays and Monologues

Plays and Monologues

A guide to the plays and monologues at the Sacramento City College Library

Need to find a play or monologue?

Finding a play or monologue is just like finding anything in the library. You should start with the SCC Library OneSearch and search under 'Books,' 'Video,' or 'DVDs.'

  • To find a single play published as a book or to view it on a Streaming Service or DVD, search by the title of the play and/or playwright's name. Using quotation marks will search for that exact phrase. Examples: "Angels in America" and "Tony Kushner," "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"
  • To find a collection of plays by one playwright, search by the playwright's name and add 'drama' to your search. Examples: "Sam Shepard" drama, "Arthur Miller" drama. 
  • To separate the actual plays from books written about the play, make sure that the playwright's name is listed as the author.
  • To find a collection of plays by different playwrights (or an anthology), search by keyword of topic or theme. If you don't find what you like with the keyword 'play,' then try 'drama' instead. Examples: American women drama, gay drama, Asian American drama, monologues, dialogues, "one act plays"

Theatre & Performing Arts Databases

The SCC Library has two databases available that focus on plays: