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MLA 8th Edition Style Guide

MLA 8th Edition Style Guide


Published Interview (Print or Broadcast)


Kagan, Elena. “Kagan’s Teachers.” Interview by Bryan A. Garner. ABA Journal, vol. 98, no. 9, Sept. 2012, pp. 25-26. JSTOR Journals,,guest&custid=sacram&groupid=main&profile=eds&direct=true&db=edsjsr&AN=edsjsr.23423755&site=eds-live&scope=site. Accessed 15 Sept. 2016.

Sotomayor, Sonia. “Sonia Manzano & Justice Sonia Sotomayor.” Interview by Sonia Manzano. Death, Sex, and Money Podcast, 14 Sept. 2016, WNYC, Accessed 16 Sept. 2016.


Interview on Website

If the website name is essentially the same as the publisher, there is no need to list it twice.


Zinkievich, Craig. Interview by Gareth Von Kallenbach. Skewed & Reviewed, 27 Apr. 2009, Accessed 15 Mar. 2015.

Green, John. Interview by Jade Chang. Goodreads, Dec. 2012, Accessed 6 May 2016.

Interview Conducted by You

Add the descriptive phrase, Personal interview, after the interviewee's name. 


Bush, Edward. Personal interview. 18 Aug. 2016.

Adkins, Nina. Personal interview. 15 Nov. 2015.

Email Interview

Email interviews should use the same format as an email citation.


Bond, Emily. “Re: Interview about Library Study Rooms.” Received by Josh Jones, 15 Sept. 2016.

Perez, Rochelle. “RE: How Library Instruction Helps Promote Student Success.” Received by Jennifer Baca, 25 Aug. 2016.