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HIST 310 (Tanghetti)

HIST 310 (Tanghetti)


Your Assignment

Analytical Essay – Topic of your choice

Incremental Assignments toward completion of Essay

Due Dates are posted in Canvas

PART ONE: (a) In a Word document identify your choice of topics from the Analytical Essay topics list posted in Canvas.  (b) In addition, identify two journal articles you will draw on to support your essay.   You will have to do some research in the databases available to us through the LRC to find the two journal articles required.  Select articles within the 15- 25-page size. (c) In your Word document, you will list each of your selected journal articles by Author, Title, Journal, and Date of publication.  Moreover, you will write a few sentences for each of your selected journal articles explaining why they will assist you in writing an essay on your selected topic. (d) When submitting this portion of the assignment, be sure to Include copies of the front pages of each of the journal articles you select.

Here is a sample of some history journals: The New England Quarterly, The William and Mary Quarterly, The Journal of American History, The Journal of Southern History, The Journal of African American History.

This is worth up to 15 points.

PART TWO: For this assignment, submit your essay outline and your introductory paragraph with a concise thesis statement.

In a Word document, write an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement.  Be sure to underline your thesis statement. 

Below your introductory paragraph include your outline, formatted in usual form:

I. Introduction

II. Body paragraph -topic and main point

III. Body paragraph - topic and main point

IV. Conclusion

Be sure to identify the topic and main point of each paragraph. Your outline should include as many body paragraphs as you think you will need to fully develop your essay.  Your essay should have more than four paragraphs. 

This is worth up to 15 points. 

PART THREE: Your final essay draft is due on Thursday, March 22 at 7:30 a.m. for students in Section 16845 and 10:30 a.m. for students in Section 18406.  You will upload your essay to Canvas by the beginning of class on the due date.  You will also submit a hard copy of your essay in class on the due date.

·       Essay length is 3- to 4-pages.  OK to go over by half a page.  You will forfeit 5 points for every additional 1/2 page over the page limit.  And, I will not read any pages beyond 5.

·       Give your essay an interesting, catchy title.  Aim to entice your reader.

·       You do not need a cover page.  Your name on the first line on either side and a title two spaces below your name and centered on the page are all you need.  Double space below your title, indent 5 spaces and begin your introductory paragraph.

·       Use 1-inch margins

·       12-size font

·       Double space your lines

·       Use Chicago Style citations - I will review this in class.

·       Read the Writing Guide posted in Canvas while you write your final draft and before you upload your essay.  

·       Beware: penalty is severe for failing to cite your sources or engaging in plagiarism.  All possible points for the essay will be forfeited.  In other words, you will earn no points.