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GEOG 305 (Castagna)

GEOG 305 (Castagna)

Database Searching

Other Places to Look: Library Databases

Library Databases search a large number of periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers). Look for an "Advanced Search" screen to see more options. For a database that has articles related to your topic, try any of these below. You can also find subject-specific databases by choosing the research databases page on the library homepage. 

Piggyback References

Once you find a suitable article for your Paleoclimate Research Project, you can also find other relevant articles by using a feature available in many of the databases available through the SCC library.

Here is an example of where to find this option in the OneSearch. After opening an article, at the bottom of the page you will see an option to find articles that cite this article (Citing This) or are cited in the article you are viewing (Cited in This)

In Google Scholar, after starting your search you will see the option of Cited By and Related Articles. Cited by will show you other articles that cite the article you are viewing. The related articles will show you other articles that have similar content to the subject.


From Academic Search Complete in the search results, you will see an option for Cited References in an article, and also Times Cited in This Database will show you other articles that have cited the journal article you are viewing.