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FASHN 330 (Giovannetti)

FASHN 330 (Giovannetti)


FASH 330 Textbook

Guidelines for Project #5: Person / Group of Interest

Term Paper Guidelines:

  • Length: minimum of 2 double spaced pages, maximum are four full pages. Points will be deducted for more pages.
  • Other pages may include pictures.
  • Bibliography is a stand-alone page.
  • Minimum of four (4) books, journals, magazines, or literary sources
  • Maximum of three (3) internet sources
  • Textbook does not count as a source to be listed in the bibliography. You may use the info and must cite it, but it does not count as a literary source.

Anything that is not your own thought must be cited.

Topics for Project #5

Term Paper or Creative Genius must include the items listed below:

  • Title, your name, bibliography, and why you chose this idea

Topics for Project #5:

#1: A real person, living or dead. Define all important information in their life. Choose a definite time period of their life and include the clothing they wore, the designer (if known) and why it is considered significant. Include the names of all garments worn from the inside out and head to toe. Include names of all undergarments.

#2: Choose a defined group in a time period and show how they gave inspiration to the fashion scene in their time period. Include any political, economical and social views of the group that may apply. What was it that caused so many people to follow them? How did they differ from the norm of the day? Examples: The Beatles, Mods, Hippies, etc.

Creative Genius: If writing a term paper is not your thing, choose another way to show your idea. No need to go through huge expense. Use items you have.