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ESL 325

ESL 325

How To Use Library Databases

Search Strategies

Tips on Searching for Sources Using OneSearch (SCC Library Website)

  • Based on your keywords, OneSearch will scan all of the Los Rios Libraries' resources, including books, ebooks, and articles from all of our individual databases.
  • Leave out minor words such as with, during, the, etc.
  • Use "quotation marks" to keep your keywords side-by-side as an exact phrase, for example, "career choices"
  • In most databases, if you type the beginning of a word and then type an asterisk (*), the database will match any word that begins with those letters. For instance: nurs* matches nurse, nursing, nurses...
  • Use (parentheses) to nest, or combine similar keywords with the connectors OR, AND, NOT, for example, (career* or employment* or job*)
  • An example would be: (career* or employment*) and therap*

Why are Library Databases So Awesome?