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ENGWR 302 (Olsen)

ENGWR 302 (Olsen)

War on Drugs

Research Tips

This a massive topic.

Focus on:

  • one time period
  • one drug or specific drug law
  • population (group of people - African Americans, etc.). 

After you narrow it down, then add Sacramento to the mix.


1980's, Anti-Drug Abuse Act in 1986 included mandatory minimum targeted crack cocaine. 

Keyword search: "Anti-Drug Abuse Act" 1986 

I get back a lot of books and articles about drugs laws in the 1980's which are useful for background on this topic.

If I add "Sacramento" to this search, I get nothing, so lets try Sacramento, 1980's, crack, still nothing. We need to use newspaper searches. Try the Sacramento Bee Newspaper and The Observer. 


Websites - General

Web Resources - California

General Books (not about Sacramento specifically)