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ESL 325 (Muther) - Research Project

ESL 325 (Muther) - Research Project


Your Assignment

Make sure to read your assignment carefully. The requirements listed on the worksheet are very specific.

Due: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Assignment Overview:
For this project, you will use the library to find a variety of types of sources on a specific topic, and then you will write an annotated bibliography using the MLA style.


Choose a topic: Choose a topic you are interested in. It is OK to choose the same topic you focused on for your summary-response essay. Tell me your topic by Tuesday, November 21.

Go to the library, in person or online:

Use the library databases to find at least four (4) sources* as follows:

  • One book (ebooks are OK)
  • One journal article (online articles are OK)
  • One magazine or newspaper article (online articles are OK)
  • One source of your choice (DVD, website, article, book, etc.)

*All sources must be in English. You do not have to read your sources completely, but you do need to familiarize yourself with them so that you are able to write an annotation (summary) for each one.
Ask the research librarians for help if you need it!

Remember, this is only a summary. Refer to the worksheet for complete instructions.