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ESLR 310 (Kawamura)

ESLR 310 (Kawamura)

Reading a Database Book Record

How to Read a Database Record for a Print Book

  1. Title, Author and other basic citation information.
  2. Image of Item. This may not always be visible. Most recently published material will have an image.
  3. Format of Item. Formats include book, ebook, video recording, and more.
  4. Location of Item. This indicates which Los Rios campus holds the item and where you can find it in the library. Note: the bottom two items are both located in the SCC library, but in different locations. Make note of the location to find where the item will be located in the library.
  5. Call No. (Call Number). Copy down the call number to find the item on the shelf.
  6. Status. This indicates whether the item is available for checkout. If the record displays a date and/or time, someone else has checked out the item and they will need to return it before you can check it out.
  7. Request this item. This button enables you to request an item from another campus. It can also be used to put a hold on an item that is currently checked out by another student. The person who has checked out the item won’t be able to renew it and must return it by the due date. You will have the first opportunity to check out the item once it has been returned.

For information about how to read call numbers and find your item on the shelf, check out this handy guide: