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ENGWR 302 (Rangel)

ENGWR 302 (Rangel)

CQ Researcher for background info

CQ Researcher - A Most Helpful Source

To find CQ Researcher, look under Essentials on the Library homepage. Click on the Research Databases button, then Open CQ Researcher under the General category.

Sample CQ Researcher Report for Prison Health Care

When searching CQ Researcher you have to be flexible with your search terms.  For instance when you type Elderly prisoners in the search box you won't find a report title about them.  Instead you have to scroll down quite a bit and you will find a report titled Prison health care.  

Using Argumentative Essays

The "viewpoints" in Opposing Viewpoints in Context are useful in that they present arguments that are generally well-researched or well-structured. These essays can give you ideas and you may find quotable passages in them. They also contain references to books and articles that you may be able to find in our databases or via Google. Note that they are generally not good evidence in the way that scholarly or statistical sources are, since they are slanted toward a particular goal.