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Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies

Latina/o and Chicana/o Studies

Use keywords when searching

​​Use keywords to make a concise search query and avoid full sentences or too many words - this will yield better results :).

For example, Mexican Americans and activism.

Combine the name of the group you are studying with the aspect you want to find out about. For example,

Chican* AND (combine with one of the following):

  • education
  • activism
  • class
  • gender
  • immigration
  • housing
  • bias
  • art
  • music

Note: using the asterisk (shift 8), like in the example above, is called truncation. For example, Chican* will search for Chicana, Chicanas, Chicano, Chicanos, Chicanx, Chicanismo, Chicanidad, etc.

Start Your Research - Library Databases

Newspapers and Documents from the Chicano Movement

Books about Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies

Videos y Film

Support for Chicanx/Latinx Students