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Is It Scholarly? Identifying Scholarly and Non-Scholarly Sources

Is It Scholarly? Identifying Scholarly and Non-Scholarly Sources

Scholarly Database Articles

Using Research Databases

The library's databases are a great place to start your search for scholarly articles. We provide access to a number of online databases that you can use for your research (and we can help you with your searching!), and finding scholarly articles can be much faster and easier than just searching on the World Wide Web or Internet.

Finding and Accessing Online Databases

You can find online databases by going to the Library Homepage and selecting the Research Databases found under the Essentials heading.

To access the databases from home, you will need to log in using your w + student ID number and your Los Rios unified password—the same password you use to access a number of other online services including eServices and Canvas.

Searching for Scholarly Sources

When using online databases, you can typically limit your search results to include only those that are from scholarly sources. This can be done by selecting "Scholarly" under "show Only" to the left of the search results.


How to limit to scholarly articles


Even after taking these steps, you should continue to critically evaluate your sources. Be aware that scholarly publications include items beyond scholarly, peer-reviewed articles such as book reviews and editorials.