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BUS 340 (Lane) - Business Law

BUS 340 (Lane) - Business Law


Your Assignment


(IRAC) Current event – Use a newspaper, news magazine, or the internet (including articles posted on D2L by instructor) to find a current article (if uncertain, please see the instructor to have your topic approved) related to business law to write about and present.  Briefly summarize your article and include some interesting facts or highlights. Lastly, and most importantly, discuss any concerns, issues, or thoughts you have about the subject matter raised in the article. This will be done by writing an IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion) about the article.

There are numerous online sources for this assignment.

The IRAC must apply to the subjects shown below:

IRAC #1 – Torts, including Negligence

IRAC #2 – Contracts, including Breach; Agency; Warranties

IRAC Basics

Summary - write a brief summary fo the article or case (no more than one (1) page.  Four things to remember when writing a summary:

  • use your own words and phrases, not the author's
  • use key points details
  • represent the material accurately and fairly
  • cite your sources!!!!!!!!

Issue(s) - are written in the form of questions!  These issues are questions one might ask regarding how the law applies to the article you have chosen.

Rules - are the laws/rules that the writer thinks may apply to the issues.

Analysis - is where the writer either proves or disproves the application of the rules.  This is a major focus of the paper and presentation….critical thinking must be applied.

Conclusion - will take one of two approaches.  First, if the court has decided the case, do you agree with the decision?  Why, or why not?  If the court has yet to make a decision, what do you think needs to be done, and why.

There is no minimum or limitation to the length of the paper.  The writer’s approach is to be concise, organized, and complete in the presentation of the case. If you need any further clarification of this assignment, please make an appointment to see me during office hours.

Be sure to attach the news article/court case to your essay. If the article/case is not attached a score will not be given. The attachment can be in the form of a link to a web page.

IRAC Sample

There are FOUR Sample IRAC Papers in your BUS 340 CANVAS course inside the Module section.  Here's a link to Sample IRAC Paper #2.  It is VERY important that you look at the four IRAC samples before you start this assignment.