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ENGWR 300 (Treon)

ENGWR 300 (Treon)


Writing Assignments - WA #3 and WA #4

The place to begin research is with “research.”  In other words, we don’t first write our essay and then go hunting for “quotes” to support what we have already said – the research itself needs to drive what is included in the essay. Before beginning this assignment, be sure to read the WA #4 directions carefully

WA #4 Brief Summary

For WA #4, you’ll be choosing a career in which you have an interest – one that you have either already decided upon OR, even better, one you are thinking about pursuing but have not yet decided upon – and writing an essay in which you present the following, in two parts:  1) Your research on the topic, based upon at least FIVE criteria you have chosen that you think are important to consider when choosing a career – things like salary, benefits, educational requirements, job location, job satisfaction, responsibilities, job availability, etc. (this is just a partial list; you may come up with some that are not listed here); 2) Discussion of what you have learned from your research and, as a result of it, whether you think the career you’ve researched is a good choice for you, and why (or why not). 

WA #3 Instructions

For WA #3, you will present your research for WA #4, in the form of an Annotated Bibliography, which is a list of sources you have read/consulted in researching your essay, presented in the correct (MLA) format, with a summary of each of the sources.   In order to successfully complete this assignment, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Select an appropriate topic for WA #4;
  • Choose a minimum of FIVE criteria on which you will base your research (Here, it’s helpful to ask yourself some questions: “What education do I need to have in order to pursue this career? (And, along with that, “What programs are available for me to obtain the appropriate degree(s)/certification(s)?” “How much will the appropriate education cost?”  “How long will it take?”) “What is the average salary for this career?” “Where are the most/best job opportunities for this career?” “How satisfied with their jobs are people who have chosen this career?” etc.)
  • Once you have your career choice, start researching. Don’t limit yourself exclusively to Google searches – use the SCC Library Databases as well.  You should try to have a mix of Internet sources, database articles, and other sources such as Podcasts, personal interviews, documentaries, videos (YouTube may be a good source), blogs, etc.  There are many different things you can use as sources, but if you have any questions, please check with me.
  • As soon as you find a source that seems promising, add it to your Annotated Bibliography, making an MLA Works Cited entry for it and providing a brief (AT LEAST 50 words – minimum!) summary. You should aim to build your Annotated Bibliography as you go, not wait until the last minute to put everything together. **NOTE:  PLEASE do not copy and paste abstracts/summaries you find in the databases or online; Turnitin will identify this as plagiarism, and you will receive a failing grade on the assignment.  Your summaries should be in your OWN words and reflect your own understanding of what you have read in the source.
  • On the due date for WA #3, you will submit a completed Annotated Bibliography, with SIX sources, listed in alphabetical order and in correct MLA format, with annotations (summaries). Prior to the due date, you will submit a few sample entries so that I can give you useful feedback.