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SOCSC 300 (Heningburg) Introduction to Ethnic Studies

SOCSC 300 (Heningburg) Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Cite Your Sources

Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian)

A style guide is a handbook of rules for language, spelling, grammar, formatting, punctuation, citations, references, and bibliographies. Common style guides include MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers or Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  The bookstore and the SCC Library have these guides.

The basics of style

The key to citing any source is to:

  1. be consistent in style and format;
  2. have a clear and neat format;
  3. present enough information for a reader to find the work or cited section;
  4. NOT make up your own rules.

For citing material from the Web, two additional bits of information may be needed:

  1. the electronic address or URL of the site (e.g. http://...)
  2. the date you accessed the site or database