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SOCSC 300 (Heningburg) Introduction to Ethnic Studies

SOCSC 300 (Heningburg) Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Find Census Data

U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau is a rich source of data about race, ethnicity, economic conditions, education, employment, housing, and more.  In many cases you can narrow your search to specific neighborhoods. 

American Fact Finder - Community Facts by Zip Code

Use the Census Bureau's American FactFinder to find demographic information about your neighborhood by zip code.

Start with Community Facts. Enter a county, city, or zip code in the search box and click GO.  Specific addresses do not work in this search box. 

The results page shows links to population for your geography. On the left side of the screen, you can switch to Age, Business, Education, etc., to see quick facts about your zip code.

Your results also show a list of "Popular Tables."  Open them to see detailed data about sex, age, race, households, education, veterans, citizen status, language, ancestry, income, occupation, commute, housing construction, vehicles, heating fuel, and rent.

The Community Facts search box gives you quite a bit of demographic information about your zip code.  It doesn't search for specific addresses, though. Go to Address Search for that.


Be Patient

Census data is as complex as the society it reflects and can be puzzling to search and manipulate, especially on your first attempts.  Repeat the same search a couple of times until the strategy feels more comfortable. 

Work with a partner to sort out some of your searches, and ask for help if you need it.

Census data is fairly raw information.  Take some time to reflect on what the numbers mean for your assignment.