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SOCSC 300 (Heningburg) Introduction to Ethnic Studies

SOCSC 300 (Heningburg) Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Find Books & Media

Find books and ebooks

Search the library catalog, LOIS, to find books on your topic.  You can search by keyword, author, or title.  Look for books that are up to date.  Use the keywords you developed on the Articles page.

Find books you can use and note the Location, Call Number, and Status.

Advanced keyword search limits your search to just books or ebooks or media, or to just one area of the collection (e.g. Reference).

Tips on typing keywords

Use "quotation marks" to keep your keywords side-by-side, for e.g., "civil rights"

Use the *asterisk as a wild card to give you the same stem with any ending, for e.g., rac* (finds race, racism, racial, etc.)

Use (parentheses) to nest, or combine keywords with the connectors OR, AND, NOT, for e.g., (prejudice or discrimination) and race