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INDIS 373 (Poliseno)

INDIS 373 (Poliseno)


Welcome to your research guide!

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Here are topics you might be researching:

  1. cost of living comparison for different countries
  2. cost of tuition comparison vs. cost of living over time
  3. cost of tuition comparison vs. cost of living in different countries
  4. cost of health care comparison
  5. cost of life insurance
  6. college or career paths in different countries and the success rates
  7. college acceptance rates based on certain demographics
  8. college graduation rates based on certain demographics
  9. graduation rates vs. government funding at schools
  10. job placement by degree or certificate
  11. cybersecurity changes
  12. legal drinking age vs. drunk driving statistics 
  13. No child left behind law vs school success rates
  14. deforestation
  15. teen pregnancy based on region or demographic
  16. infant mortality rates based on demographic or region
  17. job retention in government vs private jobs
  18. other topic to be approved by instructor


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