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INDIS 313 (Hanson)

INDIS 313 (Hanson)


Your Assignment

Welcome to the Research Guide for Jon Hanson's INDIS 313 class. Your assignment is to write a research paper on an academic discipline and/or career choice and/or an area of interest.

You will select and read a total of six research sources.  You will use these six sources to create a Works Cited page.

This guide will provide information on searching books, databases and web sites to help you define your topic as you search for career information. Added bonus: most of the library databases will  provide the required MLA citation for your source.

Your assignment will be due on Saturday, November 14.

Local SCC Resources

Did you know that there are several local sources of career information for you available through SCC? You might want to take a look at these resources if you're still undecided on a career path.

Using the Library to Find Information on Careers

Based on your keywords, OneSearch will scan all of the Los Rios Libraries' resources, including books, ebooks, and articles from all of our individual databases.

  • Use "quotation marks" to keep your keywords side-by-side as an exact phrase, for example, "career choices"
  • Use the *asterisk as a wild card to give you the same stem with any ending, for example, therap* will give you the words therapy, therapies, therapist, therapeutic and any other word that has the root therap.
  • Use (parentheses) to nest, or combine similar keywords with the connectors OR, AND, NOT, for example, (career* or employment* or job*)
  • An example would be: (career* or employment*) and therap*

Probably the most important point is to pick a topic/career that is of interest to you. Lists are really helpful.  However, you should not pick a career about which you know nothing or in which you are not interested. The more you can identify with your topic, or be genuinely curious about it, the more effective your research will be.

One Search

How to Limit Your Results in OneSearch

Once your results are displayed, you can use the limiters in the left column to reduce the number of results:

  1. Click Scholarly if your instructor requires that your source be scholarly or peer-reviewed.
  2. Change the publication date, if necessary
  3. Under Resource Type, you can limit your search by format (book, newspaper, article, etc).
  4. Under Subject - Show More you can check the exact subjects you want to find.