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HIST 308 (Frazier)

HIST 308 (Frazier)


Research Paper Instructions

Research Paper – Minoritized Populations

All countries around the world have minority populations that have not been treated well by their governments.  The extent to which these populations have been oppressed range from discrimination in various forms to outright genocide. To examine this process further, please choose any country from around the world (other than the U.S.) and examine how they dealt with “minoritized populations” in their recent history (20th century). What were the results and what lessons can be learned?


  • Paper must be at least pages in length, double spaced, use 12-point font, and normal margins.
  • Include a minimum of 3 Sources. Must be either books or scholarly journal articles obtained from the library.
  • You must submit a research a proposed project and bibliography of sources before beginning your project.

Sample Topics

Topics from past projects: 

Rwandan Genocide

Killing Fields of Cambodia

LGTBQ community in Russia

Apartheid in South Africa

Palestinians in Israel-Palestine

Anti-Communists in Cuba

Additional ideas: 

Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Egypt - laws and treatment of LGBTQ individuals

Transgender discrimination (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Uganda, etc.)

Myanmar - Rohingya genocide/massacre

Hijab bans in various countries (France, etc.)

Indonesia (1965-66) Indonesian military murdered suspected communists (1 million people killed)

Sudan - Darfur 

Soweto Uprising (South Africa, 1976) 

Chinese Cultural Revolution 

Indigenous people in Canada (laws, persecution, etc.)

Indigenous people in Australia (laws, persecution, etc.)

India - caste system

Amritsar Massacre (India 1919)