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ENGWR 300 (Angel)

ENGWR 300 (Angel)


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Writing Assignment Instructions

The essay must present your opinion AND what the other side is to the issue that you have an opinion about. Your goal is not to argue or persuade the reader that your opinion is the superior one to hold, but rather to inform your reader that your opinion is not without its own challenges. Therefore, you must provide a clear statement of your opinion in your thesis, and you need to illustrate that opinion by using TWO outside sources who provide support for your stance. You should summarize the source material so that you can integrate it into your essay. In addition to presenting your opinion with the addition of two outside reinforcements, you must also provide TWO outside sources who illustrate the opposing viewpoint to the reader. So, in other words, you must inform the reader about your opinion, support it, and then present the counter-opinion, and support for that stance. Ultimately, you will need FOUR outside sources—two for support of your opinion, and two to illustrate the opposition.