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ENGWR 300 (Lee)

ENGWR 300 (Lee)


Research Project: Five Paragraph Essay Expansion and Revision

Assignment Details

Using your argumentative Five Paragraph Essay, identify your thesis and revise it using the “shift-left” technique. You will need to submit your thesis for approval. With your new, narrower thesis, use the SCC library to research what others have presented on this topic. Using those outside perspectives, support your argument with main ideas and cite your sources according to MLA format. Make sure your ideas logically connect to each other in a complete, cohesive essay.

Potential Strategies

  • Define the issue

  • Compare the historical situation to current developments

  • Discuss the population affected by your argument

  • Explore alternate points of view

  • Use a personal example

  • Relate to current events


  • Due Date: 4/21 - Rough Draft, 5/5 - Final Draft

  • Length: 1200–1500 words (about 5–6 double spaced pages)

  • Outside sources: 5+ outside sources with at least one each of the following: newspaper, magazine, academic journal, book

Library Resources

While the physical space of the SCC Library may be closed, the librarians are still available to help support students! Here are some ways you can contact us, and online resources that you can use.