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ENGWR 302 (Romero)

ENGWR 302 (Romero)



Welcome to the LibGuide for Professor Romero's ENGWR  302 class.  This guide will help you with library research for your  essay.  It will present information on searching books, databases and web sites that will help you define your topic and support your paper.

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what am i doing with this paper?

Respond to the following topic by writing an essay that is controlled by a central idea and is specifically developed. In your essay, you should address your opponent as well as support your position.

Their names are well known, Rodney King, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, known throughout the world to represent police conflict with communities of color in the U.S. Most of the incidents ended with a dead suspect. Some of the incidents, at least in part, were caught on video tape. In all cases, the police would appear to have been largely immune to punishment.

In your essay, you should take a position on the debate over Race and Police Violence. Some of the questions that have come up through the reading and videos which you might consider include, Are police tactics the issue here? How can police fight crime better? Does the system unfairly put more value on one group over the other? Is all this attention good or bad for police? 

How the library can help

 As part of this essay assignment, you are required to do research.

The essay should be 5-6 pages long, typed and double-spaced with a 12 pt font and one-inch margins. You should incorporate the work of at least four outside sources (including one from a library database). You should follow the MLA format. 

Helpful search terms

Keyword ideas - Use these keywords in various combinations. This list is not exhaustive -- add your own words, too!

  • "racial profiling"
  • "black lives matter" 
  • minorities
  • race
  • police or "law enforcement"
  • discrimination
  • "police brutality" or "police violence"
  • "criminal justice"
  • "stop and frisk"