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ENGWR 300 (Watson-Perez)

ENGWR 300 (Watson-Perez)


What am I doing with this paper?

You will be creating a portfolio demonstrating research on a topic relating to a problem that you see in education.  You will need to find a topic that is problematic and then offer potential solutions based on your research. You will need to draw on multiple sources to support your points.

Approaching your assignment

Welcome to the LibGuide for Professor Watson-Perez' ENGWR 300 class.  This guide will help you with library research for your essay.   It will present information on searching books, databases and web sites that will help you define your topic and support your essay topic.

Use the topics at the left to navigate the resources.

Your assignment


  • Cover Letter
  • Research Proposal
  • Reading Annotation
  • Bibliography
    • 3-5 scholarly journal articles
    • 1 book
    • 1 newspaper article
    • 1 website (not Wikipedia)
    • 0-2 miscellaneous
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Problem/Solution Essay
  • Self-Evaluation

Ask a Librarian

Librarians are available by instant message, phone or email.


Research Help Desk: 916–558–2461