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ENGWR 300: College Composition (Spangler)

ENGWR 300: College Composition (Spangler)


Approaching your Assignment

Welcome to the LibGuide for Rachel Spangler's ENGWR 300 class. This guide will provide information on searching books, databases and web sites to help you define your topic. Added bonus: most of the library databases will  provide the required MLA citation for your source.

Your project: Identify a meaningful problem faced by people in your community, investigate the background and causes of the problem, and learn about potential solutions in order to advocate for the best solution. For the purpose of this project, you are free to interpret “your community” in any way you like. For example, you might choose to research a problem faced by students in our campus community (Sac City specifically, or community college generally), your geographic community (our city or your neighborhood), or your cultural community (religious community, Chicanx, etc.). This project encompasses the final three writing assignments this semester. 

How the library can help

Annotated Bibliography Minimum Standards for Complete: 

Accurately formatted 

Include at least 8 sources

At least 1 of the sources need to be peer reviewed, scholarly sources found through the library website. Other sources should be credible as well but don’t need to be from peer reviewed journals. Websites are accepted on a case-by-case basis and should be cleared with instructor before including in your assignment(s).

You need to find a variety of sources. They should not all be from scholarly journals, just as they should not all be from newspapers.

Each source has a well developed paragraph that includes both summary (what the article is about) and analysis (your opinion & how you’ll use it in your essay & analyzing its credibility)

Works Cited entries are formatted correctly according to MLA. - Your annotated bibliography must contain at least 8 entries.