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ENGWR 300 (Armstrong)

ENGWR 300 (Armstrong)


Approaching your Assignment

Welcome to the LibGuide for Dana Armstrong's ENGWR 300 class. 

This guide will help you with library research on your problem analysis paper where you will focus on a concern you have about an inequality/problem that exists in this country.  The research skills you learn will be valuable for this and any other research assignments you may have.

The guide will present information on searching books, databases and web sites that will help you define your topic.  Most of the library sources will even provide your required MLA citation!

Your assignment

You will choose your own topic from the research category.

You will write a research paper that must be seven to eight pages in length.

Please follow the schedule you were given leading up to submission.  

How the library can help

Your paper must include a minimum of six outside sources, which should include at least three articles from the library databases, 

Each of the pages in this guide has a yellow "Ask a Librarian" icon you can click on to initiate a chat. 

A librarian is available 24/7 to assist you with your queries.  If you contact a librarian during "regular" hours you will speak to a librarian who works at SCC. If you make contact during other hours, a librarian from another academic institution will assist you. If you're up at, say, 2:00 a.m., you'll maybe get a librarian from the UK.

Hours when an SCC librarian is available during the summer: M-Th 8-6

Once you have decided on your topic and would like to speak with a librarian you can schedule an appointment here for a zoom session with a librarian during our regular hours.

The librarian can also show you an easy way to find citations or to create your own. There is an MLA guide available on the list to the left, under "Cite your sources."