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ECE 430 (Lorenz) - Culture and Diversity in Children's Books

ECE 430 (Lorenz) - Culture and Diversity in Children's Books


Culture and Diversity: Children's Books

In connection with ECE 430, this collection is designed to expose children to diverse cultures, social values and sensitivities.  It will help give children understanding, tolerance and compassion for the world and its people in the following ways:

  • Knowledge of Self & Connection to Others
  • Joy in Diversity
  • Global Awareness

Map of the Juvenile section on the 2nd Floor of the LRC

How to find library books

There are many more children's books in the Sacramento City College Library than I have listed in this guide.  Use the Catalog (LOIS) to find a book that you are interested in.  Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Perform a Simple Keyword search.  Type in the topic that you are searching for, such as 'Chinese New Year', and add 'juvenile' after it.
  • OR Perform an Advanced Keyword search. Type in your topic, such as 'Mexican,' at the top.  Change Location to SCC Children's Books.

Play around with the terms for your topic until you find what you are looking for.