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COMM 301 (Thornton-Sides)

COMM 301 (Thornton-Sides)



This is your first research based speech. You will develop a seven- to nine-minute speech designed to share your research of an area of personal interest. You are the instructor and are going to teach us something about an event, a current controversy, a technological development, cultural custom, or a field of study, etc. You have the option to deliver these in groups of two-three, so that there is the possibility of a more in-depth discussion. However, you will be graded individually. One person’s speech will be graded entirely independently of the others. Each group member will have to speak for the five to seven minutes.  


  • 7 minutes (or 7 minutes with 10 second buffer on each end)
  • Develop and present 2-5 main points which cover the following information
  • Include an introduction covering the 5 objectives of intros
  • Include a conclusion covering the 3 objectives of conclusions
  • Include clear transitions from section-to-section and between main points, and from speaker-to-speaker
  • Submit one formal, full-sentence outline per group (use the outline template found in the Files section of Canvas)
    • 12 pt. Font
    • Double spaced
    • Cover page
    • Running headers
  • A minimum of 3 sources should be cited in APA format in-text and in a reference page attached to your outline
    • Sources should be orally cited regularly throughout the presentation
    • At least 2 of your sources must be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles
  • A multimedia visual aid is required.
    • A minimum of 1 chart/graph and 1 picture should be included
    • Please make sure to follow the guidelines for preparing and presenting professional multimedia presentations.