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CHEM 426 (Chubbic)

CHEM 426 (Chubbic)


Approaching your assignment

Welcome to the LibGuide for Dena Chubbic's CHEM 426 class.  This guide will help you with library research on your medication synthesis topic.   It will present information on searching books, databases and websites that will help you complete your handout and presentation.  

Your assignment

You will choose a recently-developed medication (within 15 years) that is commercially prepared via a multi-step synthesis. You will explain two main topics related to the medication:
  1. The organic chemistry involved in preparing the biologically active compound and how that chemistry relates to what we’ve studied in Chem 425/426.
  2. How the medication functions to alleviate the disorder or disease state that it treats.
Five sources, including two scientific journal articles and at least one print sourcewill be needed. For each of the two journal articles, you will need to print and take to the professor the following pages: the abstract page, the conclusion page and one page that shows some visual information (such as a table, graph or reaction scheme).
Things to include about the medication you choose:
  1. Structure of compound & its functional groups & important properties.
  2. Significance (What is this compound used for?)
  3. Key definitions (Also put key calculations, if any, on your handout.)
  4. How the compound is made (synthetic sequence & considerations)
  5. How this compound relates to chemistry concepts we learned in class. (Try to use some of your organic chemistry class vocabulary words.)

Works Cited

Your Works Cited page must have at least five different sources that provided information on your topic.

You are free to use a variety of resources (periodicals, newspapers, internet sources, textbooks, scientific journals, interviews of experts, etc.). Include at least one printed source (not the Internet) and at least two scientific journal articles.