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HIST 486 (Heningburg)

HIST 486 (Heningburg)

Recommended Websites with Primary Sources

Recommended Websites

Reliable Websites

Determining the validity of information found on a website? This is up to you! Here are some tips -

  • Consider the source: Look at the title of the website and find out who (person? institution?) created it. Established news outlets such as New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, the Economist - these can be trusted.
  • Read beyond the headline or website heading: What's the whole story?
  • Check the author: Do a quick search on the author. Are they credible? Are they real? What is their agenda or purpose?
  • Find the evidence: Are there supporting sources (references) or is there evidence given to support the author's claims?
  • Check the date: To put this information in context for yourself, find out when it was created / published.
  • Check your biases: Consider if your own beliefs could affect your judgement.
  • Ask the experts: Ask a librarian or instructor and/or consult a fact-checking site.