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ENGWR 300 (Kiehn) - Saturday Section

ENGWR 300 (Kiehn) - Saturday Section

Website Searching Tips

Advanced Search: Google

With Google Advanced Search you can easily use tools such as domain limiters (edu, gov, org). You can also type in an advanced search directly into the Google search box. Here are some sample searches:

Sample Search on Distracted Driving

 Google Search statement             Results 9/22/17                        Search Strategy 

distracted driving


Default Boolean AND search (it looks at the word distracted AND the word driving).

"distracted driving"


Exact phrase search.

intitle:"distracted driving"


The phrase must be in the title.

intitle:"distracted driving" inurl:npr


"distracted driving" would be in the title and the site must be National Public Radio (

intitle:"distracted driving"


Site must be from an educational institution.

intitle:"distracted driving" teenagers


The word teenagers is added to the previous search.

"distracted driving" filetype:pdf


Site must be a pdf presentation from an educational institution. You might also try something like filetype:ppt for PowerPoint.

"distracted driving" 2003..2012


Using two periods, will look for a date or any form of the numbers represented within a range.