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ENGWR 300 (Kiehn)

ENGWR 300 (Kiehn)

Web sites

Helpful Web Sites for Finding Topics

Evaluating Web Sites

Google Advanced Search

With Google Advanced Search you can easily use tools such as domain limiters (edu, gov, org). You can also type in an advanced search directly into the Google search box, for example "home health care" site:gov. 


Google Search Statement

Results (9/21/17)

Search Strategies

Social Movement

   175 million!

Default Boolean AND search (it looks at the word social AND the word movement).You are going to get results that could even be talking about dancing or exercising.

"social movement"

       4.4 million

It looks at the words as an exact phrase

intitle:"social movement"


The phrase must be in the title.

intitle:"social movement" inurl:history


"social movement" would be in the title and the site (URL) will have the word history in it.

intitle:"social movement"


Site must be an educational institution.

intitle:"social movement" lgbtq


The acronym lgbtq is added to the previous search.

"social movement" filetype:pdf


Site must be a pdf from an educational institution. You might also try something like filetype:ppt