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ENGWR 300 (Kiehn)

ENGWR 300 (Kiehn)


Approaching your Assignment

Welcome to the LibGuide for Ken Kiehn's ENGWR 300 class. 

This guide will help you with library research on your Social Movements assignment and any other research assignments you may have.

It will present information on searching books, databases and web sites that will help you define your topic; most of the library sources will even provide your required MLA citation.

Your assignment

You have  have chosen your own topic from the subject category "Social Movements of the 20th and 21st Centuries." 

You will write a research paper that has a clear organizational pattern (cause/effect, chronological, process etc.).

This paper must be eight to ten pages in length, have no less than ten items on the Works Cited page at the end of paper (4 books, 4 articles, 2 other--all of which must be correctly cited in the paper.)

The paper must be written from an informational point of view rather than an argument or narrative.

This assignment will be due the last day of the semester.

How the library can help

You will need a minimum of ten sources for your paper. The librarian will be able to guide you to the most reliable sources.

Four will need to be books.

Four will need to be articles

Two can come from other sources (web site, video, audio)