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ESLR 30 (Leek)

ESLR 30 (Leek)


Your Assignment

For this assignment, you will read a book or short story, write a short summary, and then make an oral presentation to the class. Your best resource is the library. We will visit the SCC Learning Resource Center during class next Tuesday.  There are many short books in the easy reading section.


What can you read? 

You may read a book or short story that is a minimum of 30 pages long. You should choose something that you are interested in. If you report on a story that we have done in class, you will receive no credit. Note: you may not choose a story from an encyclopedia or a religious text. 


What should your report include? 

  • A written summary of the story.
  • A list of at least 5 new vocabulary words, including part of speech, definition, and your own sentence.
  • At least one paragraph that includes an explanation of why you chose this story, your opinion of the story, and one thing you learned from the story.
  • Also tell us if you think we should read the story and why. 
  • Be sure to bring the book or story with you on the day of your presentation.


When is the report due?
The presentations will be given on Thursday December 6th.Your written report will be due on the same day as your presentation.