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ENGWR 300 (Dana)

ENGWR 300 (Dana)

Use this guide to help you find the resources you need.
5th Writing Assignment


"Problem/Solution" Research Paper

Your assignment:

For your fifth writing assignment, you will be writing a research essay.  Your research paper will be much like your synthesis essay (WA #4) in that you will need to draw on multiple sources to support your points.  However, unlike your synthesis paper, you will be finding the sources yourself mostly through online web and data base searches.  For the most part, then, your ideas and evidence will come from your reading and synthesis of these sources. 


  1. Argument or position paper:  This means that your thesis will assert your own opinion or claim on your topic, and you will support your claim through the information and material found in your research.  You may also want to include and respond to the opposition.  Often, thinking about this paper as a problem-solution essay works well.  See below for topic guidelines
  2. 6 sources and 7 typed pages total (this does NOT include the works cited page):  If you consider that our 6 paragraph essays are around 3-4 pages, a 7-page essay will generally be 12 paragraphs.
  3. College-appropriate Sources:  This means that they meet the CRAP test (Currency, Reliability, Authority, Purpose)—We will be talking about this together in class
  4. Sources (continued)—At least 3 from SCC databases, no more than 2 general websites (non-academic, devoted to specific issue or agenda); 1 academic journal article.
  5. Correct MLA format for paper layout, in-text citations, and works cited page