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ENGWR 300 (Davatz)

ENGWR 300 (Davatz)


Research Paper: Problem/Solution

For your Research Paper, you will: 1) identify a topic with a problem, 2) research that issue, 3) describe the problem 4) identify and explain some of the causes for the problem and, 5) identify and explain one or more possible strategies to improve the problem.

You will need to include at least FIVE sources in your paper.  These sources must include the following categories:

  1. A source that primarily gives data on your chosen issue. 
  2. At least four articles or books discussing the problem and/or proposed solutions, including at least one article from an academic journal.
  3. For an A-level paper, you must also conduct an interview. For example, if you choose to research college completion rates, you may wish to interview someone who dropped out of college, someone in danger of dropping out, or a faculty member familiar with the problem.

Topic Examples

Some possible topics, and keywords, to choose from (feel free to choose something else):

college-life issues

college completion rates

social mobility issues

voter fraud

the electoral process 

raising or lowering taxes