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ENGWR 300 (Creelman)

ENGWR 300 (Creelman)

Sustainability Paper


Problem/Solution Research Paper

Your assignment:

dentify an environmental sustainability issue facing the world, and write an 8-10 page research paper in which you explain the problem and propose a solution. The first part of your essay will clearly identify the problem and convince your readers, through examples and evidence, that it is a serious problem in need of a solution. The second part of your essay will propose a solution and convince your readers that the solution you propose is one of the most viable. The following outline is a suggestion; you should determine the best order of your ideas for the topic you choose.


Your paper must include a minimum of SIX different sources (books; scholarly articles; articles found in newspapers, in magazines, or online; websites; films and documentaries; interviews; and others). The success of your essay will be judged by the strength of the sources you use to illustrate and support your claims and your presentation of your argument.  You are using MLA format for the paper. 

Sustainability Word Cloud from Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business at SFSU

sustainability word cloud