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ENGWR 488 (Roberts)

ENGWR 488 (Roberts)


Essay 2 Assignment

For your second paper, write a multi-source essay of approximately fifteen hundred words exploring some element of Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow as it relates to education in some way. Your secondary sources must come from one of the library databases, and you should have a minimum of three other such sources (in addition to TF&S). Your essay must focus on some element of education at large, using Kahneman's text as a launching point for your analysis.

Follow the guidelines listed on page 257 of our text, Writing from Sources, to develop your essay.  For a more developed explanation of any of the guidelines, refer to pages 258-266 as well as pages 276-300 of Writing from Sources.

Obviously, this essay will require you to read and understand quite a few more than just the three sources you will eventually use in your essay, so be sure to allow for enough time to research your topic. 

Why Use Library Databases? Because They Are Awesome